Deliverable IDTitleLead BeneficiaryTypeDissemination LevelDue Date (in months)
D1.1Comprehensive overview of the project
D2.1Selection of the DP materials to be used in the chassis of three and four wheel vehicles, applying iterative simulations of their behaviour under frontal and lateral collisions.IFEVSRCO12
D2.2Description of the adopted technologies and methodologies for simplified manufacturing steps including the approach for flexible manufacturingIFEVSRCO15
D2.3Definition of the assembly manufacturing line concept for the proposed chassis applying the currently most advanced industry 4.0 organised processes.IFEVSRCO18
D3.1Report with calculations of the phase diagrams, Ms and Mf temperatures and suitable temperatures for quenching and partitioning required for the Q&P heat treatment in connection to weldingLTURCO6
D3.2Realisation of the joined parts (parts and material combinations defined in WP2)LTUDEMCO21
D3.3Reports with the optimal parameter settings to be used for creating joints with optimal quality or performance of the selected material and material combinationsBWIRCO24
D3.4Report with the measured joint properties of the selected material and material combinationsBWIRCO24
D3.5Report with a technical assessment of the feasibility of the proposed new post-weld heat treatment and comparison with conventional post-weld heat treatmentsLTURCO24
D4.1Selection and completion of the designs of both three and four wheel vehiclesIFEVSRCO15
D4.2Demonstration that the designed vehicles are regarding safety the best-in-class in their categories in terms of collision and extended fatigue behaviourCIDAUTDEMCO18
D4.3Report the criteria adopted for efficient recycling and facilitated disassembling of the designed vehiclesCIDAUTRCO21
D4.4Report of the criteria adopted for facilitated manufacturing of the designed vehiclesIFEVSRCO24
D5.14 vehicle structures: 2 three-wheel vehicles and 2 four-wheel vehiclesIFEVSDEMCO30
D5.2Functional testing of the structuresCIDAUTRCO33
D5.3Crash testing of the structuresCIDAUTRCO36
D6.1Report on system design incl. a short manual on how to derive LCA LCC and cost information from the systemTHINKSTEP AGRCO12
D6.2LCA cost report comparing the final design to the starting pointTHINKSTEP AGRCO24
D6.3LCA report on the developed heavy quadricycles (L7e) vehicles, rough comparison with existing vehicles on the marketTHINKSTEP AGRCO36
D7.1Project websiteCIDAUTDECPU3
D7.2Dissemination Plan (First Release)CIDAUTRCO12
D7.3Dissemination Plan (Second Release)CIDAUTRCO24
D7.4Dissemination Plan (Final Release)CIDAUTRCO24
D7.6Exploitation Plan (Final Release)CIDAUTRCO36
D7.7Repository on standards and legislation on the theme of joining of high strength steelsBWIRCO18
D7.8Dissemination of results in scientific journals and conferencesCIDAUTOTHERPU36